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  • No mannequins


    The Cool Reason This Store Doesn’t Have Mannequins

    Indie fashion label Reformation is doing away with mannequins in windows at their newest store in San Francisco and this calls for a celebration. First of all, mannequins are just scary AF. A plastic doll staring at you with a dead-pan expression while you shop can be quite eerie   . These dolls can also be deceiving. It promotes unrealistic body images […]

  • Justin Trudeau photos boxing yoga

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    Justin Trudeau Photos We’re All Thirsting Over

    ‘Mr Steal Yo Girl’ Justin Trudeau is crush-worthy for so many reasons. Last year, when asked about why his new, diverse cabinet included so many women, he just said: “Because it’s 2015.” Boom. While some countries closed the door on Syrian refugees, the 44-year-old prime minister of Canada went to the airport to personally greet and help hand […]

  • Security Setting On WhatsApp


    The Security Setting On WhatsApp You Need To Change Right Now

    Who does not love WhatsApp? Free texts and free voice calls, hells yeah. But things just got way better — a security setting on WhatsApp has been updated and you should take advantage of it as soon as you can. The app is officially adding support for two-step verification, which prevents someone else from activating your phone […]

  • Jermain Defoe


    Photo Of Bradley Lowery Cuddling His Hero Jermain Defoe Is Both Sweet And Heart-Wrenching

    Former England footballer and Sunderland AFC’s current star striker Jermaine Defoe has an impressive list of goals and fancy footwork where football is concerned. But his recent off-pitch gesture was literally the coolest, ever. Wait until you see the photo that’s both sweet and heart-wrenching. 😎 After that brace @IAmJermainDefoe becomes #SAFC's second highest top […]

  • This Is Probably The Most Beautiful Airstream On Airbnb.

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    This Is Probably The Most Beautiful Airstream On Airbnb

    One glance at the distinctive rounded polished aluminum coach and you’ll instantly know its an Airstream, the luxury caravan. The company was created by Wally Byam, a lawyer by training, who began building trailers in his backyard in Los Angeles during the late 1920s. Almost a century later, the Airstream is still alive, with creative […]

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    Buddhist Monk By Day, Celebrity Make-up Artist By Night

    Photo: YouTube (@U.S. Embassy Tokyo) When you think of Buddhist monks, people with solemn natures and shaved heads dressed in humble robes immediately come to mind.   Young Buddhist monks feel their newly shaved heads in Seoul from pics A 26-year-old Buddhist monk from Tokyo is about to change your perception forever. Meet Kodo Nishimura […]

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    Forget Photos, This Dude Knits Sweaters Of Places He Visits

    Who needs selfies when you can knit a photo of the destination you love and wear it forever? That’s exactly what Baltimore’s Sam Barsky does — he knits sweaters of places he’s visiting and wait, it does not end there. Barsky even brings along the sweaters when he’s visiting the places featured on the sweaters. How cool is […]

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    Unicorn Hair Is A Thing Now

    This style is taking over social media like storm – unicorn hair. Yep, that’s right. From rainbow-coloured hair to bubble gum locks, people are obsessed with unicorn hair, like the ones from My Little Pony. Or Trolls, in a stylish way. Different techniques are used to get the multicolour hairstyle from ombres to sombres (soft […]

  • Razer Built A Laptop With Three Screens.


    Razer’s Laptop With Three Screens Is Not A Hoax

    Congratulations, you have lived to see something absurdly amazing — Razer has built a laptop with three screens. This insanely cool beast goes by the code name Project Valerie (because why not) and is the dream of every gamer on planet earth. Yes, this #Razer gaming laptop does have three screens #CES2017 — CNET (@CNET) […]