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    15 Design Fails That Will Make You Laugh

    When it comes to design fails, it’s easy to blame the designer. But have you ever thought that these creative souls actually have a tough job? It takes more than just creativity to be a good designer. Common sense is hard to find these days and let’s not forget the ability to prevent clients from […]

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    Man pays bill with 300,000 pennies in ultimate payback

    Have you ever been dissatisfied with a service that you wish you could do something to get back at them? Well, US man Nick Stafford certainly gave the Department of Motor Vehicles in Virginia the ultimate payback — in coins. Nick Stafford, who has been fighting with the Department of Motor Vehicles in Virginia, decided to pay his […]

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    Identical Twins Pull Off The Ultimate Mirror Prank

    A video of a mirror prank by a pair of twins has gone viral since making it to the front page of Reddit. The video starts by showing a young woman standing by the sink, in front of what appears to be a mirror. She is seen applying mascara while looking at her “reflection” in […]

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    Love Cats? You’ll Love This Kitty Kommercial More

    Photo: YouTube (@Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters) Have you been toying around with the idea of adding a new furry member to the family? This commercial just might be the push you need to head on over to its exact location (if you’re in Atlanta, Georgia) or down to the nearest animal shelter in your […]