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    Woman Explains How Fitbit Saved Her Life

    Fitbit saved her life

    When Patricia Lauder bought a Fitbit fitness tracker to count her steps, she never thought it would do more than help her lose weight. But now, the 73-year-old says the Fitbit saved her life. A few months ago, Patricia felt ill and thought her sinus infection may have turned into pneumonia. So she went to the doctors to have that checked […]

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    Reasons Why You Should Never Quit Singing In The Shower

    singing in the shower

    We’ve all had that moment (every other day) when we belt out the latest jam in the shower and go like, woah, that was good! Intrigued by this, we did a lil digging to find out why bathroom singing sounds AND feels good. And by the way, this is how we all look in the shower. Hey, […]

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    What Would’ve Happened If ‘BBC Dad’ Was A Mum?

    BBC Dad mum

    Ever since “BBC Dad” showed us the realities of parenting (in a hilarious way), there have been endless memes, jokes and parodies. Who can resist really? The minute baby James wheeled into that room, we started singing ‘They rollin’, they hatin’😎 . Sure, BBC Dad was awesome at keeping it cool, but what if BBC Dad was […]

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    Get Rid Of Ants With This Simple Trick

    get rid of ants

    Ants tend to be the common uninvited guests who seek food and shelter from the harsh outdoors, like erm, hello, you gotta pay rent man. Times are tough! There are only so many of them we can squish as there is usually a whole army of them hiding and making continuous appearances. Plus, have you […]

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    10 Animal Portraits That Look Like Fierce Album Covers

    Your favourite bands and artistes aren’t the only ones striking album sleeve worthy poses. It seems like our furry friends want in on the badassery and these awesome shots prove it. Check out what we found on the world wide web! Introducing the 10 animal portraits that look like fierce album covers: 1. These cows […]

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    12 Things Only Introverts Will Understand

    Things Only Introverts Will Understand

    Introverts keep a low profile, so are often seen as shy, aloof, bored and even “stuck up”. So it might surprise you that introverts are some of the nicest and friendliest people you’ll ever meet. They are not just relaxed and loving, they are just naturally chill. In a world that is always in a rush […]

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    Mother To Carry Baby Without A Brain To Full Term To Donate Organs

    Between 70 and 85% of pregnant women in the US choose abortion on learning their fetus could have an intellectual disability.  But when US mother Keri Young found she was carrying a baby without a brain, she made an unthinkably selfless decision — carry Eva to term to donate the organs to other babies in need. Everything changed after the […]

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    Life-Changing Nutella Recipes You Need Now

    Nutella recipes

    Oh, man. Life is unfair. But there is nothing a spoon of Nutella can’t fix because it’s just perfect like that, you know. A scoop in your mouth, a spread on crunchy toast, a drizzle on cake and fruits and a twirl in coffee and milkshakes — have we got you droolin’ yet? C’mon, don’t […]

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    Here’s What It’s Like To Stay In A Tokyo Capsule Hotel

    Tokyo Capsule Hotel

    Japan is full of cool things. From smart toilets to vending machines that sell everything, you gotta admit it — the Japanese are super innovators. And when they make something, it’s always about creating solutions to everyday problems. Like the capsule hotel. In Japan, if you miss your last train, need to pull an all nighter at work, […]

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    If You Hover Over The Toilet Seat, You Need To Read This

    Hover Over The Toilet Seat

    Unless you’re in Japan, public toilets can be uh, scary. But even if a toilet seat looks clean, it’s probably hosted a million bums. A million butts = Ewww . So in the end, we find other ways to do our dirty deed — we hover over the toilet seat like this. via GIPHY So is hovering […]

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    The Cool Reason This Store Doesn’t Have Mannequins

    No mannequins

    Indie fashion label Reformation is doing away with mannequins in windows at their newest store in San Francisco and this calls for a celebration. First of all, mannequins are just scary AF. A plastic doll staring at you with a dead-pan expression while you shop can be quite eerie   . These dolls can also be deceiving. It promotes unrealistic body images […]

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    Once You Find Out What A Daith Piercing Is, You’d Want One

    Photo: Instagram(@alex_alaska) Keen on upping your piercing game without causing any problems with HR or the boss? There’s a piercing trend that is slowly gaining traction on social media. If industrial bars are too hardcore, get yourself a daith piercing. A part of the ear, daith indicates the innermost cartilage fold which is slightly above […]

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    Fun Quiz: What’s My Net Worth In 5 Years?

    fun quiz

    How well will you be doing five years from now? Will you be living in a mansion or a castle? Driving a luxurious car or flying in your personal jet? If you’ve been dreaming of success and working smart, perhaps these answers will give you a glimpse of that amazing life. Take this fun quiz […]

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    Drink This Before Bedtime Tonight And You’ll Wake Up Fresher Tomorrow

    Insomnia home remedy

    Have you been a phone zombie or a night owl? According to the Better Health Channel, a sleepy fatigued person is accident prone, judgement impaired and more likely to make bad decisions. What’s more surprising, staying awake for 24 hours is similar to having a blood alcohol content of 0.1.  SMH. No wonder sleep deprivation contributes to road […]

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    Justin Trudeau Photos We’re All Thirsting Over

    Justin Trudeau photos boxing yoga

    ‘Mr Steal Yo Girl’ Justin Trudeau is crush-worthy for so many reasons. Last year, when asked about why his new, diverse cabinet included so many women, he just said: “Because it’s 2015.” Boom. While some countries closed the door on Syrian refugees, the 44-year-old prime minister of Canada went to the airport to personally greet and help hand […]

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    A Tribute To The Men Who Make It Happen: Boyfriends of Instagram

    Boyfriends of Instagram

    Building a popular Instagram account is no easy feat. Imagine the makeup, the outfits, scouting for locations and not to mention looking perfect. But have we ever considered the true struggles of the men behind those editorial-looking shots — the boyfriends of Instagram? That’s right, peeps. Some of Instagram’s biggest stars arguably owe their success […]

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    The Security Setting On WhatsApp You Need To Change Right Now

    Security Setting On WhatsApp

    Who does not love WhatsApp? Free texts and free voice calls, hells yeah. But things just got way better — a security setting on WhatsApp has been updated and you should take advantage of it as soon as you can. The app is officially adding support for two-step verification, which prevents someone else from activating your phone […]

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    Photo Of Bradley Lowery Cuddling His Hero Jermain Defoe Is Both Sweet And Heart-Wrenching

    Jermain Defoe

    Former England footballer and Sunderland AFC’s current star striker Jermaine Defoe has an impressive list of goals and fancy footwork where football is concerned. But his recent off-pitch gesture was literally the coolest, ever. Wait until you see the photo that’s both sweet and heart-wrenching. 😎 After that brace @IAmJermainDefoe becomes #SAFC's second highest top […]

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    Interesting Reason Why This Town Has Tiny Doors Everywhere

    Fairy doors

    If you need a reason to believe that magic still exists in this world, pay a visit to Ann Arbor in the U.S. state of Michigan – where tiny fairy doors have been mysteriously appearing in the area. “Certified fairyologist” Jonathan B. Wright said he first spotted a “fairy door” in his house in the […]

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    This DIY Fringe Tutorial Did Not Go As Planned

    DIY Fringe

    You know when you try to save money and then devise a genius plan to do things yourself? Yeah, not always a good idea. Clearly, this beauty blogger learned the hard way. In the hilarious video, she appeared to be giving a DIY fringe tutorial to her viewers. She brought her fringe together, lined it up using a […]

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    15 Design Fails That Will Make You Laugh

    Design fails

    When it comes to design fails, it’s easy to blame the designer. But have you ever thought that these creative souls actually have a tough job? It takes more than just creativity to be a good designer. Common sense is hard to find these days and let’s not forget the ability to prevent clients from […]

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    Someone Just Built A Machine That Sorts M&Ms And Skittles By Colour

    Machine That Sorts M&Ms And Skittles

    Do you only eat chocolate M&Ms or green Skittles? Ever wanted a device that can do the job for you? Well, someone just built a cool AF machine that sorts M&Ms and Skittles by colour. *tears of joy* via GIPHY Willem Pennings, 19, took several months to built this machine which sorts the candy by colour by […]

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    5 MUA Instagram Accounts That’ll Give You Serious Make-up Envy

    Make-up goes way beyond enhancing features. These 5 MUA Instagram accounts show that its also the perfect outlet for creative expression. Check them out here: 1. Wolverine With Logan, the latest Wolverine installation coming out in March, Dublin make-up artist RachelCMakeup creates the perfect homage to the hunky X-Men character. ✖️WOLVERINE✖️ Thank you everyone for […]

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    Burn Bay Leaves In Your House And You’ll Be Amazed

    Burn Bay Leaves In Your House

    No spice collection is complete without bay leaves. Apart from flavouring soups, stews, braises and softening tough meat (yup!), people have been using it for health reasons too. Did you know that if you burn bay leaves in your house, you can do these amazing things? Burn about seven bay leaves in a bowl and after 10 […]