Reasons Why You Should Never Quit Singing In The Shower

singing in the shower
Reasons Why You Should Never Quit Singing In The Shower.

We’ve all had that moment (every other day) when we belt out the latest jam in the shower and go like, woah, that was good! Intrigued by this, we did a lil digging to find out why bathroom singing sounds AND feels good.

And by the way, this is how we all look in the shower. Hey, no one is judging you.

Singing in the shower… Just think of it as working on a never-to-be-released cover album.

First off, the science of acoustics. Tiles don’t quite absorb sound waves, so your voice bounces around. And because bathrooms aren’t usually a symmetrical cube, the waves travel different lengths, giving your voice an echoey sound. The multiple echoes create an effect known as reverb, which most recording artistes use to enhance their voices. It also evens out your pitch and exudes a richer tone. Bring it on, Rihanna!


What does singing in the shower do?

You go, girl! Dramatics and all.

Singing also has the ability to boost your mood like no other because singing releases endorphin and oxytocin in the brain – basically the happy and relaxing hormones. Holy moly!

To prove this, researchers in Japan got 44 participants to sing three songs or more. All subjects, aged 60 years and above, were on medication for respiratory or cardiovascular diseases. Results revealed a decrease in pulse rates and a decrease in stress hormones (cortisol). When asked to describe how they feel, participants used the words relaxed, comfortable, pleasurable, relieved and released.

Yay, we’re never too old to sing!

There you go, solid reasons to continue serenading yourself while getting all fresh and squeaky clean.

What’s your favourite bathroom jam?

Written by Pamella Lim

Pamella Lim

Pamella is a writer who loves crafting her articles between midnight and 4am. Marathons of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Suits and recently, This Is Us, are among the factors that contribute to her topsy-turvy body clock, but she has no complains. Always in the pursuit of inspirational stories, the Liverpool FC fan in her strongly believes there's a golden sky at the end of every storm.

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