What Would’ve Happened If ‘BBC Dad’ Was A Mum?

BBC Dad mum
Here's what would've happened if BBC Dad was a mother. Photo: YouTube/Jono and Ben.

Ever since “BBC Dad” showed us the realities of parenting (in a hilarious way), there have been endless memes, jokes and parodies. Who can resist really? The minute baby James wheeled into that room, we started singing ‘They rollin’, they hatin’😎 . Sure, BBC Dad was awesome at keeping it cool, but what if BBC Dad was BBC Mum?

New Zealand’s Jono and Ben made the ultimate spoof, imagining how a mum would handle the same situation.

At first, the TV interview begins in a similar way, with Robert Kelly’s female equivalent Kate Wordsworth answering questions about the political crisis in South Korea. As expected, her “daughter” walks into the room. While in the original video, BBC Dad tries to get his daughter to play behind his seat, BBC Mum welcomes her daughter and feeds her milk. She does this while calmly talking to her BBC host.


And then, when the toddler rolls in with his walker, she hands him a toy and he wheels away. If you think that was the highlight of the video, you have to watch the clip at 0:28 where she miraculously removes roast chicken from the oven while answering serious questions. She even cleans the toilet and defuses a bomb, all the while keeping a straight face. The ending is a classic but you’ll have to watch that yourself. Mums are selfless beings 🙋 .

Giggles and laughter aside, this parody sent a message to the world — that the world will not survive without mothers.

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