10 Animal Portraits That Look Like Fierce Album Covers

Photo: YouTube(ramzy Attia)

Your favourite bands and artistes aren’t the only ones striking album sleeve worthy poses.


It seems like our furry friends want in on the badassery and these awesome shots prove it. Check out what we found on the world wide web!

Introducing the 10 animal portraits that look like fierce album covers:

1. These cows look ready to give Rascal Flatts a run for their money.

Image: YouTube(@ramzy Attia)

2. Almost looks like an homage to the Beastie Boys.

Image: YouTube(@ramzy Attia)/Instagram(@88kncorbett)

3. A Christmas single for a pop duet?

Image: YouTube(@ramzy Attia)/Imgur(@AllLebedev)

4. “Birdz N The Hood”

Image: YouTube(@ramzy Attia)/Imgur(@notthatdanadane)

5. Don’t you reckon this is like when various artists come together to do a cover or tribute? How freaking cool do they look? #squadgoals

Image: YouTube(@ramzy Attia)/Twitter(@MeetAnimals)

6. You wouldn’t want to miss this rap mogul’s album when it drops.

Image: YouTube(@ramzy Attia)

7. Boyband of the animal kingdom?!

Image: YouTube(@ramzy Attia)

8. Horses be giving ABBA vibes.

Image: YouTube(@ramzy Attia)

9. Musical siblings ala Jedward and The Proclaimers

Image: YouTube(@ramzy Attia)

10. And finally, we mustn’t forget the Divas of the animal world!

Image: YouTube(@ramzy Attia)
Image: YouTube(@ramzy Attia)

Have you seen any other epic animal portraits? Do share!

Written by Stephanie Sharon

Steph is a freelance writer and mother who enjoys baking from scratch, experimenting with hairstyles, watching obscure documentaries online, singing 'Twinkle, twinkle little star' repeatedly, and dancing to (any) show tunes with her kid.

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