Once You Find Out What A Daith Piercing Is, You’d Want One

Photo: Instagram(@alex_alaska)

Photo: Instagram(@alex_alaska)

Keen on upping your piercing game without causing any problems with HR or the boss? There’s a piercing trend that is slowly gaining traction on social media.

If industrial bars are too hardcore, get yourself a daith piercing.

A part of the ear, daith indicates the innermost cartilage fold which is slightly above the targus. Piercings done on it can easily be tucked away and hidden from view. This makes it the perfect choice for working professionals. Healing is also better in this case.

Isn’t this combination just gorgeous and absolutely luxe?


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Hoops are the most common jewelry for daith piercings. If you crave something cuter, styles such as crescents, hearts, and bars are available too.

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Pronounced ‘doth’ (rhymes with moth) and not ‘day-th’, this piercing has even been said to treat chronic migraines! Not surprising as it’s the area that acupuncturists would target to relieve headaches and migraines.

Zoe Kravitz and Kylie Jenner are two celeb fans of the daith piercing.

Would you get a daith piercing?

Written by Stephanie Sharon

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