The Cool Reason This Store Doesn’t Have Mannequins

No mannequins
No mannequins here. How awesome it that??

Indie fashion label Reformation is doing away with mannequins in windows at their newest store in San Francisco and this calls for a celebration.


First of all, mannequins are just scary AF. A plastic doll staring at you with a dead-pan expression while you shop can be quite eerie   .

These dolls can also be deceiving. It promotes unrealistic body images for both males and females like c’mon, we don’t need that kinda negativity.

Yikes! Nobody likes bumping into one of these when shopping.

But why the sans-mannequin approach? Reformation’s no-mannequin policy is just one small part of their aim to improve customer experience.


The new store is also incorporating new high-tech features such as touchscreen monitors and digital dressing room assistance. So, if you have the wrong size or colour, a few clicks and swipes will bring you the right one through a “magic wardrobe”  . How cool is that? Lights in the dressing room can be adjustable (yay to better selfies and OOTDs!) and there is even a playlist for you to select the right music to get your groove on.

That means, in addition to being kind to the planet, Reformation also cares about the people living in it and proves that you don’t have to go “old-school” to do so. So much win! 

Doing away with mannequins
Goodbye, you sometimes-faceless dolls.

What do you think, should all fashion stores get rid of mannequins?

Main photo: Reformation

Written by Pamella Lim

Pamella Lim

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