Justin Trudeau Photos We’re All Thirsting Over

Justin Trudeau photos boxing yoga
Justin Trudeau Photos We're All Thirsting Over. Photo: Twitter/@scalzi.

‘Mr Steal Yo Girl’ Justin Trudeau is crush-worthy for so many reasons. Last year, when asked about why his new, diverse cabinet included so many women, he just said: “Because it’s 2015.” Boom. While some countries closed the door on Syrian refugees, the 44-year-old prime minister of Canada went to the airport to personally greet and help hand out warm winter coats. I mean, is this guy for real?


Not only that, Trudeau has degrees in literature AND engineering. He also taught French and Maths in a school before diving into politics. As if he’s not awesome enough, Trudeau has also pledged his commitment to solving climate change.

But here’s also another reason why the whole world has a crush on this dream boat — he’s hot. And these Justin Trudeau photos will prove it. You’re welcome.

#1 Baby you make me feel safe…

Biceps ✔. Cool tatoo ✔. Intense eyes ✔.

This guy! #crushing #ohcanada #justintrudeau #squadgoals

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#2 Dayum   

This photo of Justin Trudeau doing an advanced yoga pose? It has us in need of some deep breathing.

#justintrudeau #yoga 🎯

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#3 Oh baby…

I rest my case.

Why is he so far away #movingtocanada #sigh #justintrudeau #canadian #primeminister #hot #gaypride

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#4 I  you too mon amour!

Maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s maple leaf…

#5 A man who can do yoga 



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#6 Those piercing blue eyes though   

Ok, bye.

Which Justin Trudeau photos do you love the best? Share this with other Trudeau fans!

Main image via Twitter/@scalzi.

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