The Security Setting On WhatsApp You Need To Change Right Now

Security Setting On WhatsApp
The Security Setting On WhatsApp You Need To Change Right Now

Who does not love WhatsApp? Free texts and free voice calls, hells yeah. But things just got way better — a security setting on WhatsApp has been updated and you should take advantage of it as soon as you can.


The app is officially adding support for two-step verification, which prevents someone else from activating your phone number without a six-digit passcode.

Once you’ve set up the security settings, no one will be able to verify your phone number without providing the passcode. The update should help lock things down in case someone tries to hijack it from afar.

The safety feature, which has been testing in beta since November, is starting to roll out now to WhatsApp’s iOS, Android and Windows apps.

How to activate the new security settings on WhatsApp

Head over to Settings —> Account —> Two-step verification —> Enable to activate it.

The app will ask you to provide an email and set a six-digit passcode.

You don’t have to provide your email address, but if you don’t, you will have a more difficult time accessing your account should you forget your passcode (WhatsApp says it will prompt you to enter your code “periodically” in order to help you remember it.) Easy!

Have you updated your security setting on WhatsApp?


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