A Tribute To The Men Who Make It Happen: Boyfriends of Instagram

Boyfriends of Instagram
Here's to our Boyfriends of Instagram. Photo: Facebook/Boyfriends of Instagram.

Building a popular Instagram account is no easy feat. Imagine the makeup, the outfits, scouting for locations and not to mention looking perfect. But have we ever considered the true struggles of the men behind those editorial-looking shots — the boyfriends of Instagram? That’s right, peeps.


Some of Instagram’s biggest stars arguably owe their success to their talented partners. Top Swiss blogger, Kristina Bazan, started her blogging journey with (then) photographer boyfriend James Chardon.

To recognise the hard work of these cool AF boyfs, a Facebook page has been set up, rightfully called the Boyfriends of Instagram. With over 26,000 likes on Facebook, the admins post photos of the guys in action, supporting their girlfriend’s social activities. Admittedly, some of the photos are just darn hilarious while some are just cringe-worthy. But still, these guys are such great sports, we love them!


Just what do Boyfriends of Instagram do?

#1 Best shot ever. Trust me. You’ll love it.

#2 If Instagram is first, can we just say that I come second?


#3 You in this light is at least 80 likes.

#4 Come on babe, look natural.

#5 We love a man who knows his angles

#6 Best backdrop ever. You’ll love it.

Know any boyfriends of Instagram?

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