Interesting Reason Why This Town Has Tiny Doors Everywhere

Fairy doors
Here's an interesting reason why there are tiny doors in this town. Photo: Myra Klarman.

If you need a reason to believe that magic still exists in this world, pay a visit to Ann Arbor in the U.S. state of Michigan – where tiny fairy doors have been mysteriously appearing in the area. “Certified fairyologist” Jonathan B. Wright said he first spotted a “fairy door” in his house in the early 90s. Instead of completely freaking out at the thought of tiny creatures moving into his home, he began actively pursuing these mysterious appearances.

Since then, the doors have been popping up in public places within the city such as outside homes, cafes, art galleries and furniture stores.

Fairy doors: Walk by too fast in Ann Arbor and you might just miss these “fairy doors”. This was seen at Michigan Theater. Photo: Urban-fairies.com

Locals and visitors have been super receptive of the idea and often leave little gifts for these urban fairies such as pennies, food, miniature stuff, like socks. How freakin’ adorable is that?

Fairy doors
Fairy doors: A look behind the door into the lives of urban fairies. This was seen at Kay Wilson DDS Pediatric Dentistry, 1303 Packard Road. Photo: Urban-fairies.com

It is still sort of a mystery as to who actually builds these cute AF doors, but that’s part of the mystic touch. And who are we to question (or squash) the possible existence of magic, anyway!

fairy doors
Fairy doors: Of course the library would seem like a great place for fairies to live. Photo: Urban-fairies.com.

The fairyologist himself shares some insights of the “fairy doors” in this video.

Have you seen these “fairy doors” anywhere else? Let us know in the comments.

Photos from official website of Ann Arbor Fairy Doors. Main image by Myra Klarman.

Written by Pamella Lim

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