Photo Of Bradley Lowery Cuddling His Hero Jermain Defoe Is Both Sweet And Heart-Wrenching

Jermain Defoe
Football fans from all over the world is praising Jermain Defoe for his warm gesture. Photo: YouTube/Sunderland AFC.

Former England footballer and Sunderland AFC’s current star striker Jermaine Defoe has an impressive list of goals and fancy footwork where football is concerned. But his recent off-pitch gesture was literally the coolest, ever. Wait until you see the photo that’s both sweet and heart-wrenching.


Football fans are praising Jermain Defoe for his actions.

This moment happened on Defoe’s day off, when he decided to visit five-year-old Bradley Lowery who is undergoing treatment for neuroblastoma, a form of cancer.
The hardcore treatment is an attempt to prolong Bradley’s life, after doctors gave him only several months to live 🙁

During this visit, Defoe did something so simple yet so amazing that it literally released some onion-cutting ninjas globally. Just look at that…


In the heart-warming photo, Bradley is seen fast asleep in the arms of his favourite footballer. Bradley’s family tweeted and image of the tiny fan curling up to Defoe with the caption “Bradley loves @IAmJermainDefoe he didn’t want him to leave today and fell asleep cuddling into him #specialbond #bestfriends”

We need a restock of tissues, NOW.

If the footballer did not already melt our hearts with that gesture, he retweeted the photo adding, “Love you little man ❤ #bestfriends”

We are totally inspired by these two amazing individuals – Defoe for his class act and the brave little Bradley for his tough fight against cancer.

Defoe, you’re the best! Do you think sports stars need to support their fans?

Main photo: YouTube/Sunderland AFC

Written by Pamella Lim

Pamella Lim

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