This DIY Fringe Tutorial Did Not Go As Planned

DIY Fringe
DIY Fringe Tutorial Gone Wrong. Photo: YouTube/Diggy Top Ten.

You know when you try to save money and then devise a genius plan to do things yourself? Yeah, not always a good idea. Clearly, this beauty blogger learned the hard way. In the hilarious video, she appeared to be giving a DIY fringe tutorial to her viewers.

She brought her fringe together, lined it up using a comb and then trimmed it slowly using a machine. But what happened next was not what she had anticipated. The minute she released her fringe from the comb, it immediately became obvious – she’d messed up her fringe! 


Watch this DYI fringe tutorial too see her funny reaction.

DIY Youtube fringe gone wrong

Still want to cut your own fringe? Watch this DIY Fringe tutorial…

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