15 Design Fails That Will Make You Laugh

Design fails
These design fails are too much. Photo: Reddit.

When it comes to design fails, it’s easy to blame the designer. But have you ever thought that these creative souls actually have a tough job? It takes more than just creativity to be a good designer. Common sense is hard to find these days and let’s not forget the ability to prevent clients from making regrettable design fails like these ones. Have you seen worse?


1. 😂😂😂😂😂 Genius space-saving design.

Just. Wow. #carpentryfail #designfail #bathremodel #carpentrymeme #crapcarpentry

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2. You had one job. One. Job. 

3. How dare you???

#designfail #error #designfailure

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4. The most accurate throw ever.

Would not want to have a window there 😂. #uxfail #designfail

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5. “How come I didn’t see THAT part in the movie?”🙊

Well. #nowords #omg #designfail #fail #wtf

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6. “Honey, when was the last time you took the car out?” 

Someone has some explaining to do… . . . #RenoFail #DesignFail #DesignFlaw #Fail #ConstructionFail #Construction #Build

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7. 🙊🙊“Hey Jim, while I have you here, I wanted to ask you about that proposal.”

When maximizing space goes too far in crowded HK. Part 1 of 2. #SMH #designfail


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8. This MA15 rated ceiling…

#designfail #badlighting #shitthatmakesmelaugh #alwayscheckyourlighting

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9. smh.

Wow! Why newspaper #editors are very important! #designfail

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10. Those eyes though.

11. “You didn’t say windows…” 

Something went terribly wrong here… Double tap if you agree! #architecturefail #bricks #noview

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12. Your own built-in drawers.

Oh look it's a DIY recessed file cabinet! #construction #designfail

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13. Thanks for the advice…

Design fails
Design fails: Okay, this t-shirt actually exists. Photo: Reddit.

14. “Just don’t sharpen that, honey.”

design fails
Design fails: Umm… you might never want to sharpen that pencil. Photo: Imgur.

15. Okay, maybe the author’s name should have been put somewhere else?

Design fails
Design fails: Probably should have put the author’s name somewhere else. Photo: Imgur.

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Main image: Reddit/Davetsteele

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