Burn Bay Leaves In Your House And You’ll Be Amazed

Burn Bay Leaves In Your House
Burn Bay Leaves In Your House For These Amazing Benefits.

No spice collection is complete without bay leaves. Apart from flavouring soups, stews, braises and softening tough meat (yup!), people have been using it for health reasons too. Did you know that if you burn bay leaves in your house, you can do these amazing things?

Burn about seven bay leaves in a bowl and after 10 minutes the scent of the leaves will calm you down, relieving stress and anxiety. The muscles in your body will also start to loosen up and your mind will feel more relaxed. That’s because the bay leaf contains a compound called linalool. A study by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists found that linalool decreases anxiety and enhances social interaction. In as little as 10 minutes of smelling a burning bay leaf, linalool begins working.

You’ll be surprised at this next benefit of burning bay leaves — it can help you quit smoking. Sure, there are so many over the counter products like nicotine gum, nasal sprays and bandages, but natural herbs like the bay leaf can also help you to quit smoking. Bay leaves will decrease your cravings for a cigarette and helps sooth the side effects that appear from a shortage of nicotine.

Tips for burning bay leaves:

It may not be so easy to burn the bay leaf, you’ll need these tips to do it successfully.

1. Make sure the leaves are completely dry. Otherwise, you might want to dry them in the sun or in an oven for a short while.
2. Use a heat proof bowl to burn the leaves, avoid plastics and papers.

3. Start a fire with one leaf and quickly pile on the second leaf and continue piling on the other leaves until there is smoke.

Warning: Never leave a fire unattended as this can lead to injury and even death. If your home has a smoke detector, ensure the smoke does not set a false alarm.

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Here’s how to burn bay leaves in your house…


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