Boy Saves Eight Months For A Bike, It Gets Stolen And Then Karma Happens

When Karma Happens
He Saves Eight Months For A Bike, It Gets Stolen And Then Karma Happens. Photo: Supplied.

A 13-year-old boy is now recuperating after he was kicked, punched, ran over and robbed of a £600 Suzuki bike he had saved for eight months to buy – just three days after buying it.


Devastated and hurt by the violent incident, Matthew from Wisbech in the UK, never thought his situation would take an unexpected twist.

When Karma happens it’s always unexpected.

After reading about the tragic story, a caring stranger, Daniel Sobey-Harker, launched a JustGiving page to raise funds to help buy the boy a new bike.

Daniel said, “Ideally, I would like to raise enough so that he can replace the bike and continue his interest in motorcross.”

Matthew’s mum, Magda, told Noicely.com, “Matt is still recovering but the fact that Daniel set the fundraising really makes him happy.”

Daniel initially set up the page with a target of £601 but it has now attracted more than £1,333 from caring supporters.

According to Magda, her son still requires dental treatment apart from other treatments. “Broken ribs and general bruising, time can only heal,” she said. However, the good news is, Matthew has taken a brave step. “He decided to return to school today but he feels very anxious being surrounded by people,” said Magda.

When Karma Happens: The River Nene at North Brink, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. Photo by Jim Linwood via Wikipedia. CC BY 2.0

Matthew will have something to look forward to in the next few weeks — Daniel will travel to Wisbech to buy him a new bike and finally meet the family.

“They are planning to go shopping with Daniel for his dream bike and safety gear in the next couple of weeks when he fully recovers,” said Magda.

Daniel said, “As a motorcyclist myself I know the joys of going for a ride and while it can be dangerous the only risks he should face are ones faced on a trail.”

Daniel’s actions have touched the hearts of many, especially the mother and son. Magda said, “I heard Daniel is seeking a new job. He put my son’s fundraising as a priority and is trying to help him despite needing help! We are very thankful.”

“I’m crying with joy .The support that our family has received has been amazing. Thank you for all your support and help!” she said.

Strangers from around the world have come together to help.

Chris Watts said: “Recover quickly! I hope this event becomes a fond memory of the kindness of good people despite the wickedness of some others. Get flame stickers, +10Hp each! Have a blast with your new bike :)”

An anonymous donor said, “Sorry to hear about what happened to you. Hope you get better soon <3 Best wishes from Canada.”

Rob said, “Sorry these people did such a bad thing. Please use this money to buy yourself an even better bike and remember there are more good people around then bad.”

Following the attack, Matthew was found on the pavement still conscious but panicking, screaming and bleeding from the mouth. Detectives are hunting the assailants, two men aged between 20 to 25.

Help Daniel raise funds for Matthew. Donate here or share the story. Well done, Daniel, and all the best to Matthew!

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