This Amazing Airbnb House Is Made Entirely Of Bamboo

Sunrise House is an amazing Airbnb rental.
Amazing Airbnb House: Wow! Look at this room designed with bamboo.

Always on the hunt for the next amazing Airbnb house? Set in the sacred Ayung river valley and hidden within tall trees, is Sunrise House, a beautiful house made entirely of bamboo. From the outside, it may look like a huge bamboo hut but wait until you see the inside. Who knew bamboo can be combined in all shapes and patterns to create such stunning interiors?

Beautiful Airbnb House in Bali.
Amazing Airbnb House: Sunrise House in Bali is made entirely of bamboo.

The luxurious floors, walls, ceiling, stairs and railings are made of black and also white bamboo. Even the roof is an innovative arrangement of bamboo shingles.

Amazing Airbnb House: A mix of black and white bamboo is used in the luxurious and unique interiors.

This majestic bamboo palace is perched on the edge of the Ayung river gorge. It has four floors, three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, a kitchen, lounge and dining space, a plunge pool, a work space and not to mention pristine panoramas.

Amazing Airbnb House: Imagine chilling out here with a good cup of coffee

The bedrooms has lush beds with beautiful views.

Amazing Airbnb House: It may be made of bamboo but the Sunrise House comes with lush beds for guests.

Although the Sunrise House is perfect for those who want to go off the grid, it does have WIFI for those who need to stay connected — Yes, they thought about you too. And look at how serene this dining area is?

Amazing Airbnb House: Imagine dining in this natural setting, overlooking beautiful panoramas.

The place is 30 minutes from Ubud if you want to explore the place. But if you would rather soak in the atmosphere and kick back, there is satellite TV, a natural pool, pavilion, and a restaurant on the property. Or you can cook here, in your own bamboo kitchen.

Amazing Airbnb House: Even the kitchen is made of bamboo.

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