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Forget Photos, This Dude Knits Sweaters Of Places He Visits

Forget Photos, This Dude Knits Sweaters Of Places He Visits. Photo: Reddit.

Who needs selfies when you can knit a photo of the destination you love and wear it forever? That’s exactly what Baltimore’s Sam Barsky does — he knits sweaters of places he’s visiting and wait, it does not end there. Barsky even brings along the sweaters when he’s visiting the places featured on the sweaters. How cool is that?


Now, photos of Barsky’s sweaters have gone viral after they reached the front page of Reddit, Monday.

Barsky knits sweaters of places he visits. Here he is in Time Square wearing a sweater of Time Square which he knitted himself. Photo: Facebook/@colorknit.

He has created 103 different sweaters, which feature images ranging from Stonehenge, to Times Square, to a shark tank inside of an aquarium. But he didn’t just come up of this idea recently.

“I started knitting in March 1999 and made two solid colored sweaters followed from a pattern,” Barsky told Mashable.

Then, wanting to challenge himself, Barsky created his very own freehand pictorial sweater in August 2000 as an experiment.

Barsky knits sweaters of places he visits including the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Photo: Facebook/@colorknit.

“After that was a success, I’ve been knitting sweaters like that one after another, featuring either generic scenery or specific landmarks. Anything that crosses my eyes is a potential sweater,” he explained.

Barsky wearing a sweater of London Bridge in front of London Bridge. Photo: Facebook/@colorknit.

Now that Barsky and his sweaters have gone viral, how have things changed for him?

“In the past day, as most of you know, my publicity has exploded exponentially worldwide,” said Barsky.
“I have a flood of messages and requests for interviews that I have received. I want to answer each one personally. It is just so many that I can’t get to them all in one day,” he said.

Also, people have been asking to buy the sweaters but Barsky said that he does not sell the sweaters he knits and one sweater takes a month to make.

“My main goals now are assembling a staff who can assist me with this newfound fame.
And knitting of course! 😀,” said Barsky.

Forget selfies. We want sweater-gram.

How cool is this? Do you have unique ways to remember a holiday destination?

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